Open Enrollment!

It’s time for school and that includes sewing school! We’re holding open enrollment for the next week at Itchin to be Stitchin, 4925 SW Angel Ave #100, Beaverton OR 97005. Either stop by or give us a call at 503-329-4322 to talk about kid or adult classes.

We also plan something a little different this fall. Boot Camp for the Uninitiated. Our Boot Camp will emphasize how to get yourself out of a clothing malfunction. Whether you are stuck without a button for a shirt, a hem that fell out, a pocket with a tear in the bottom or a sticky zipper, we have the answers and we can teach you how to deal with these little emergencies of life.  Watch for dates and times  in the next few weeks!

It’s a HOT Summer

The weather is warm and the sewing classes are hot! Space is fillling faster than the drip tray for the a/c!

We currently are running over 20 hours of classes per week, which is phenomenal for mid-summer. Of course, we’d love to have even more new and novice stitchers here at Itchin to be Stitchin.  Our more advanced kids are learning seam finishes and also different types of seams before they move on to new projects. Our new little stitchers are getting familiar with their machines, all the new vocabulary that goes with sewing and all the tools we use.

So, if you are in the Portland/Beaverton area, call us at 503-526-9999 and ask for Sewing Kathie to find out more about our classes.

Watch for Guy’s Boot Camp soon!

One of our Chamber of Commerce friends needed a new logo and shirts

025 (Small)

These shirts came together so well and it was easy to place the stitching!

Caps can be fun!

022 (Small)

We had fun with this design!

And we do more than just teach classes and do custom embroidery

015 (Small)


A very short, casual wedding dress for a beach wedding in Puerto Rico followed by a scuba honeymoon. Good luck y’all!

One of our Students and her new dress

019 (Small)We had a fun time with this project. Our student has learned how to work with both woven and knit fabric and is totally pleased, dare I say thrilled, about this dress! Just goes to show how creative and willing to learn kids really are!


Wicked Stitch of the West is Getting Ready to Take Off!

010 (Small)Our new home! We’re delighted to have found this cute little spot and hope you’ll come visit us when you’re in downtown Beaverton! Visit us at 4925 SW Angel Ave #100 in downtown Beaverton. We’re only a couple of blocks from the Farmer’s Market!

Alongside Itchin to be Stitchin is our other venture Wicked Stitch of the West!  Carrying some quilting supplies, sewing supplies, books and patterns as well as items we’ve produced, Wicked Stitch is another side of the Itchy Stitcher(s), we’re also Wicked Stitchers!!

In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing in some other crafter’s work for sale as well. So don’t be shy, come by and browse what we have to offer!


Oh yeah….the coffee is always fresh!


Bad weather coming to our local area

BAD weather is forcing closure of our new shop until Monday February 10. We value our students and customers too much to ask them to come out in wind chills in the teens or freezing rain or {shudder} snow. Since the Weather Service is saying we gonna have all of the above for the weekend, beginning perhaps as early as today (February 5) we’re erring on the side of caution and keeping our doors closed.

We look forward to seeing everyone, and even a few more folks, when we reopen.

Stay warm and dry, stay safe and if you don’t lose power then work on a stitching project!

Here we grow again!

Itchin to be Stitchin Sewing Cafe has outgrown our space in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon and on February 1, 2014 we’re opening in downtown Beaverton with twice the space for you to enjoy.

We have a classroom separate from the rest of the shop, and we are beginning to carry fabrics and notions for your sewing and quilting needs. We can’t wait for our local friends to come visit us and see the changes!

If you visit the Beaverton Farmer’s Market, we’re only two short blocks away, so come on down!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

What a fun project this was and the kids really enjoyed it!002 (Small)